AuSAE Mentoring and Leadership Program

Developing association professionals in current and future CEO roles

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Program Details

The AuSAE Mentoring and Leadership Program helps develop experienced association professionals in their current roles and prepare aspiring association leaders for future CEO roles. Applications are open until 19 February 2018. Would you like: - Guidance for your personal and professional development in the association profession, from someone with a wealth of experience? - An opportunity to learn from guest speakers on a range of association leadership topics? - Satisfaction from helping others and contributing to the future success of the association profession? - A chance to develop your mentoring and leadership skills? The program includes structured mentoring, guest speaker webinars and networking opportunities. WHY IS THIS PROGRAM IMPORTANT? For associations to thrive, they need great leadership. This program is designed to build leadership capacity in the profession by pairing association professionals with experienced mentors and by giving them an opportunity to develop and fine-tune leadership skills along with a like-minded peer group. Participants in mentoring programs report a number of benefits from their participation: improved confidence, self-awareness, clearer career direction, better communication skills, listening skills, feedback skills, more assertive communication, and enhanced management skills. WHO CAN APPLY? To join as a mentee, you must be an association professional aspiring to a more senior leadership role, a CEO role or a current CEO looking to develop their skills and leadership in the Association Sector. To join as a mentor, you must be an association CEO, former CEO or a very experienced association Senior Manager. Both mentees and mentors must also be willing to attend program events, webinars and complete the training provided. The program is open to participants in all states. The Program Launch and Progress Review meetings will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and possibly other locations depending on the location of successful applicants. The final meeting is by webinar. FEE The fee for mentees for the entire program is $995 plus GST (members) and $1395 (non-members). Payment is due once the mentee has been matched and has a place in the program. Payment plans are available on request. Mentors are volunteers - they are not paid and there is no fee for their participation. WHAT'S INVOLVED? The AuSAE Mentoring and Leadership Mentoring Program is an 8 month program, from March to November 2018. Mentors and mentees will be matched according to application details and are required to attend three events - Program Launch, Mid-Program Review and Program Close – some of which will be face-to-face meetings while others will be delivered via Webinars. There will be 3 guest speaker webinars for mentees (mentors may choose to attend as well). During the program, mentors and mentees will be expected to be in contact monthly. Mentees and mentors will also be asked to complete Art of Mentoring online program training to prepare them for their mentoring relationship. Acceptance into the program is conditional upon your commitment to completion of the training. During the program, you will receive frequent communications from the Program Facilitators, giving you helpful tips and information about mentoring and access to other relevant materials available for supporting mentees. During and at the end of the program you will also be invited to provide feedback to AuSAE about your experience. WHAT IF I'M NOT SELECTED? We will endeavour to match all mentees who apply, provided that we have a suitable mentor. Some mentors may not be matched if their expertise/ experience is not suitable for any applicants. If we don’t have a suitable match for a mentee or mentor, we won’t pair you for the sake of putting you in the program. WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Apply NOW as applications will close by 19th February 2018. Please give as much information as you reasonably can in your profile as it will assist the matching process. You will be advised in early March if there a suitable match for you. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please use this URL - - to hear the recording from the information session webinar held on 30/1/18.

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Mentor Responsibilities

MENTOR DONT'S 1. Criticise. 2. Be too busy when the mentee needs your friendship or your support. If you do not have time, give the mentee a heads up, so that they know when they can reach you. 3. Provide your personal history, problems, animosities, successes, failures, etc unless they are constructive contributions. 4. Encourage mentee to be totally dependent upon you. 5. Try to give advice on everything. MENTOR DO'S 1. COMMIT AT LEAST ONE INTERACTION/HOUR OF SUPPORT per month. 2. Set aside time for the mentoring process and honour all appointments. 3. Invite the mentee to meetings or activities, as appropriate. Schedule meetings with planned topics. 4. Be flexible on meeting times and places. 5. Arrange frequent contacts through telephone, email, fax, face-to-face, etc., as appropriate 6. Respond to emails from your mentee within 2 days of receipt. 7. Keep information that your mentee has shared with you confidential. If something concerning the mentee needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship. 8. Establish open and honest communication and a forum for idea exchange. 9. Foster creativity and independence. Help build self-confidence and offer encouragement. 10. Provide honest and timely feedback to your mentee. 11. Provide opportunities for the mentee to talk about concerns and ask questions. 12. Above all, LISTEN.

Mentee Responsibilities

MENTEE DON'TS 1. Ask for advice on everything. We suggest you prioritise your requests. 2. Blame the mentor if his or her advice doesn't work out. 3. Expect the mentor to know all the answers. 4. Commit yourself to obligations you cannot keep. 5. Cancel meetings/visits with your mentor at the last minute. MENTEE DO'S 1. TAKE A PROACTIVE ROLE IN SHAPING THE RELATIONSHIP 2. Understand what you want from the mentoring relationship and communicate your goals and aspirations to your mentor. Balance personal and professional relationship with your mentor. 3. Set aside time for the mentoring process and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor and display professional behavior. 4. PUT THE TIME WITH MENTOR TO THE BEST USE. Come to meetings with mentor prepared with planned topics. 5. Respond in a timely manner to your mentor's feedback. Respond to emails from your mentor at most two days after receipt. 6. Be open and honest with your mentor about your challenges and weaknesses. 7. If something concerning the mentor needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship.

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